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TheDermatology Centre (Dermacen) S.A.founded in 1983, is one of the first places for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various dermatological and venereal diseases. At Dermacen Dermatological Center The technological equipment we use focuses on specific skin problems and is manufactured and specialized exclusively for them. There is no use of multi-purpose machines and that is why our space is considered a benchmark as maximum efficiency is offered.

Our primary concern is customer satisfaction and ensuring high quality services.

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Our decisions are guided by ethics, safeguarding the basic principles of medicine, promoting science and seeking innovation. The promotion of high quality care and treatment outcomes is the company’s ongoing goal and is ensured through a continuous effort to seek better patient management tools and personalisation of treatment solutions.

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According to the medical code of conduct, professional ethics and the ethical rules, we pledge that our scientific personnel consisting of dermatologists, plastic surgeons and nurses will provide:

  • Healthcare services to our patients without taking into account race, age, faith, gender, values, politics or socio-economic status or the nature of the disease.
  • Medical care with primary responsibility the health, safety, well-being and dignity of all individuals.

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