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Who we are
What personal data are stored and why
Medical and tax data
Rights on your personal data collected
Data security
Who we are

Dermacen S.awas founded in 1983 and is one of the first medical sites in Greece engaged in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of most if not all dermatological diseases. The company as a legal practice and its exact tax data are the following:

Medical Ltd company of Dermatology S.A. Private Practice “Dermasen sa”

VAT Number: 094128634

Tax Office: Fae Athinon

BusinessRegistryNo: 000985301000

The digital address is a space of information related to the services provided by the company, offering a digital appointment booking platform and electronic sale of products. This is why we collect data to make the user experience better, faster, and more efficient.

What personal data are stored and why

For the registration of the visitor/user in the mailing lists of the newsletters (newsletters) of requested the following information:

Name/name of company – E-mail and/or contact number. The company may keep a record of the recipients ‘ e-mail addresses for sending other informational or financial messages beyond the Newsletters unless the addressee does not wish to do so.

The following information may be requested for registration: Name/name of company – Address/seat – Postal Code – telephone – City – country.

The company maintains a record of the above data and may send users informative and economic messages unless the latter wish to do so.

This information is never disclosed to third parties.


Electronic cookies are short texts of software code, which are sent for storage by the Internet server (“server”) of our company in your terminal equipment with the basic function of communicating to US data of Your browser. Depending on their duration, the cookies are either “temporary” (Session cookies) or “persistent” (persistent cookies). “Temporary cookies” are cookies that are automatically erased when you close your browser, while “persistent cookies” remain Your terminal equipment until they have completed their predetermined time of validity.

Medical and tax data

The company in its physical space is obligated to collect and maintain patient records for tax purposes and as an obligation and right provided by greek law. The company and the advice of its physicians may store data necessary for the medical prevention or diagnosis, the provision of medical treatment or the management of medical services, and the processing of this policy is carried out by a professional health practitioner subject to the obligation of occupational secrecy laid down by national law or by another person who likewise has a corresponding duty.

Rights on your personal data collected

You have the right to ask the company to delete or download a file of personal data related to the digital portal

You have the right to revoke the consent on which the processing of the data is based.

Data security is protected by appropriate data security methods in accordance with the requirements of the European Regulation on data Protection (firewall, coding-SSL certificates, antivirus-anti Fraud protection).


The use of the website requires that the interested parties have carefully read all the above terms and conditions of operation of this system and accept them fully and unreservedly. In any case the assumes no responsibility for any violation of the terms of operation of this site by its users.
Those who submit personal data to the database retain all the rights “of the data subject” as defined in chapter III next. of law 2472/1997 on the protection of personal data.
Competent courts for resolving any disputes are designated the courts of Athens. The processing of personal data is done in accordance with law 2472/97 and is controlled by the Personal Data protection authority.