VBEAM, pulsed laser

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Vbeam is a pulsed dye laser, variable pulse duration from 1, 5msec to 40msec. The transmission wavelength is at 595nm.
The system includes an integrated system of cooling-protection of the epidermis Dynamic Cooling Device which cools the treatment area just before the laser beam drops, by emitting gaseous sprays making the treatment painless.
Indicative applications of the system:
Facial (e.g. Rosacea) and lower limbs veins (red and blue vases up to 1.5 mm in diameter)
Cherry & Spider Angiomas
Port wine Stains (PWS)
Stretch marks (purity up to 80% when in initial stage, red-pink color)
Hypertrophic-Scholarship Scars
Burn scars
Keloids, Actinic keratinosis
Facial spider veins
Spider veins after two sessions
Congenital hemangioma
Extensive spider veins after 5 sessions
Star Hemangioma Spider vein
Warts, fingers
Hemangioma in the mouth
Hemangioma around the eye
Rosacea/After two sessions

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