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    Dermacen S.A maintains a strict policy to protect the privacy of visitors of the website www.dermatologikokentro.gr. With this note we provide you with more information on how we use cookies, every time you visit our website.


    What are cookies?

    Cookies are short texts of software code, which are sent for storage by the Internet server (“server”) of our company in your terminal equipment with the basic function of communicating to us data saved on your browser. Depending on their duration, the cookies are either “temporary” (Session cookies) or “persistent” (persistent cookies). “Temporary cookies” are cookies that are automatically erased when you close your browser, while “persistent cookies” remain saved in your terminal equipment until they have completed their predetermined time of validity.


    Does our company use Cookies?

    Yes, we use some cookies primarily to make www.dermatologikokentro.gr more functional and endearing to our users.

Terms of use-legal framework
Terms of use-legal framework

The visitor/user of the pages and services of our website (www. Dermatologikokentro.gr ) Must carefully read the terms of use and the conditions of service that follow before visiting or using our pages and services and in case of disagreement should not make use of the site. Otherwise it is presumed that the visitor/user accepts them and gives his consent. The following terms of use apply to the entire content and to what is generally included in the pages of our site. The dermatologikokentro. GR May at any time modify the terms of use and conditions, and the users/visitors are required to check for possible changes and if they continue the use it is presumed that the modified Terms and conditions are accepted. Otherwise they must refrain from using/visiting the site.

  • dermatologikokentro.gr, without guaranteeing, makes every effort to ensure that the information and the entire content are governed by the utmost accuracy and clarity, both in terms of time proximity and in terms of Completeness, correctness and availability. Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall dermatologikokentro. gr be liable for any damage caused to the visitor/user by reason of visiting the website.

  • Some of the information on our website is provided by third parties. dermatologikokentro. gr is not able to verify this information and does not guarantee their accuracy.

  • Information acquired by the user from Dermatologikokentro. gr, does not create any guarantee or company obligation since it is not foreseen in these Terms of use.

  • The use of Dermatologikokentro. gr and all related content is made exclusively under the responsibility of the user. therefore Dermatologikokentro. GR assumes no responsibility for any delays, failures, interruptions, or damages of any data or information related to its website.

  • In any case, the content of the dermatologikokentro.GR is not and cannot be considered, directly or indirectly as encouragement, instruction, advice or exhortation for any act or omission, instead it is up to the discretion of the users/visitors upon personal evaluation to act upon their own volition, therefore excluding any responsibility from the company.

  • Dermatologikokentro. gr does not check the availability, the content, the policy of protection of personal data, the quality and completeness of the services of other Web sites and pages to which it refers through “links”, hyperlinks or advertising banners. Therefore, for any problems that may arise from the visit of referral websites, the user must reffer to the administrators of the website visited, which are solely responsible for the content and services provided by their websites. Dermatologikokentro. gr in no way is to be considered that it embraces or accepts the content or services of Web sites and pages to which it refers or that it relates to them in any other way. The Dermatologikokentro. GR has no responsibility for the communication of the user/visitor with third party service providers who advertise on Dermatologikokentro. GR and any commercial transaction that may arise from the relationship between them.

  • In addition to the expressly mentioned exceptions (copyrights of third parties, partners and entities), all content of the dermatologikokentro.GR, including images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, services and in general all files on this website, constitute intellectual property, registered trademarks and service marks of dermatologikokentro.gr and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions and treaties. Therefore , none of which can be concidered partly or as a whole object of sale, copy, amendment, reproduced, reposted, uploaded or transmitted with any other way. Excluding the case of the storage of a single copy of part of the content in a personal computer, for personal and not public or commercial use and without deletion of their indication of origin from dermatologikokentro.GR, without affecting in any way the relevant intellectual and industrial property rights. The other products or services mentioned in the web pages of this portal and bear the trademarks of the respective organizations, companies, partners, associations or publications, constitute their own intellectual and industrial property And therefore these bodies bear the relevant responsibility. The user understands and accepts that he is not given the right to reproduce, copy, sell, resell and/or commercially exploit in any way all or part of the content of Dermatologikokentro. gr.

  • Copyrighted works of third parties that may be included in www. Dermatologikokentro. GR are set for information purposes. If asked from the beneficiary the will be immediately removed.

  • The visitor / user of our site must firstly comply with the rules and provisions of Greek, European and International Law and the relevant legislation governing telecommunications and, on the other hand, refrain from any unlawful and abusive use of content and services of our site. Will also have to behave discreetly during the visit and use of the site while the adoption of unfair competition practices or others that are contrary to the Internet User Code of Conduct is explicitly prohibited. Any damage to our Site or the Internet in general resulting from the misuse or improper use of the relevant services by the user / visitor falls within the sphere of the users sole responsibility.

  • In our site It is possible to conduct conversations in the wider internet based on the terms dictated by the code of conduct for Internet users. These talks must be governed by decency and discretion and must not offend or affect third parties in any way. The views expressed by users/visitors through this way can in no way be considered to be adopted by dermatologikokentro.gr. They are exclusively personal opinions of users, the sole responsibility of which is borne by those who each time formulate them. Any violation of the above terms gives dermatologikokentro.GR the ability to exclude a user/visitor from this service.

  • The user accepts the maintenance and processing of his / her personal data as declared by him / her for his / her participation in the various services of our site. Further more the site’s Administrator Will keep a record of the personal data of users-visitors, in accordance with the terms and conditions of law 2472/1997 as applicable, for the confidentiality of personal data, obliged to comply with the provisions of law 2225/1994 and P.D. 47/2005 for the To remove that confidentiality for any judicial authority, for reasons of national security or for the calibration of particularly serious offences. These data are never disclosed to third parties (except where provided by law to the competent authorities only), but their personal character is safeguarded. The Dermatologikokentro. GR maintains records of these data exclusively for the communication, statistical purposes and the improvement of the services provided. In any case the user/visitor of our site has the option after contacting the relevant department and finds the existence of a personal file to request the deletion or/and correction of the file.

  • The user explicitly accepts that the exclusive jurisdiction and competence for any dispute arises with Dermatologikokentro. GR, the courts of Athens have it. These Terms of Use are governed by Greek law. If any of the above terms proves invalid, this does not affect the validity of the remaining terms that remain in full force.

The use of the website, its services and its content are subject to the above terms of use. If the user-visitor considers these terms to be unacceptable, please do not use the website.