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Acne is the most common dermatological disease. It is observed intensely in adolescence and affects both girls and boys. Many times it continues to exist in adulthood. The treatment for acne with laser is a painless and a cost effective solution.

Types of Acne:

  1. Comedo acne
  2. papulopustular acne
  3. Cystic acne

It is usually observed on the face, back and on the chest.

As a result of acne, hypertrophic and hypotrophied scars are formed.


  • Local treatment
  • Systematic treatment
  • Laser Treatments V-Beam and Smooth Beam

Who can benefit from a laser treatment?

  • People who are intolerant to local treatments (many times there is intense irritation, dryness, photosensitivity)
  • People who cannot for some reason (pregnancy, liver function charge, administration of other medicines, etc.) receive systematic treatment.

What is Laser V-Beam?

  • Laser with a wavelength of 595 nm which is absorbed by the red color of hemoglobin.

How does it contribute in acne treatment?

  • It eliminates the inflammed lesions (red pimples) quickly and with absolute safety.

What is the Smooth Beam Laser?

  • It is a diode Laser with wavelength of 1450 nm. Which causes atrophy of the sebaceous gland.

How and when does it contribute in acne treatment?

  • When we want to eliminate the itching (white and black pimples) but also to significantly reduce the excess oiliness of the skin.

How many sessions are necessary?

  • With Laser V-Beam usually 2 sessions are adequate, while treatment with Smooth Beam must be repeated for 4 times.

The advantages of Laser treatment

  • The body is not burdened with drugs. Sparse sessions with no recovery periods. There is no need for frequent and costly blood tests.
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