Face treatments-anti-ageing

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Injectable treatments

Administration of vitamins, supplements and implants with the aim of moisturizing and firming, smoothing and filling of wrinkles according to the needs of the skin.

Starting @ €150

Special Summer Offer

Wrinkles 80€ from €55
Glabellar 80€ from €55
Leg of Hinas 80€ from €55
Face €220 of €150

From €50


  • Mesofryo €80
  • Puppet Wrinkles €100
  • Gentle lift €250
  • Fullface + Neck €500

COG 400-800, €


Through Fractional laser technology, surgical treatment results are achieved in a non-invasive way, almost painlessly and with rapid rehabilitation. Improved skin tone, wrinkle reduction around the eyes and mouth, treatment of acne scars and age signs, as well as effective skin tightening.

Full Face €100


The use of radio frequencies produce neocollagenesis, firming of the face (facelift) and reduction of fine wrinkles while improving the texture of the skin.
Relatively painless and very effective method that does not require the avoidance of solar radiation and therefore is the most appropriate technology for the summer months.
The treatment can be repeated every 20 days.

Face €70

Facial Cleansing

With Microcrystals, steam and SkinCeuticals. Reduce oiliness and revitalize the skin in a fast, harmless and effective way.

Simple €40
With vapour €50

Treatment combination

280€Αρχική 380€
  • 2 fractional
  • βοτ. τοξίνη μεσόφρυο
  • νήματα ρυτίδες
375€Αρχική 500€
  • Υαλουρονικό
  • Νήματα PDO full face

The prices are approximate and per session and depend on the materials used, the area covered and the patient, the recovery for the above services is small to zero * * * *

What type of skin do you have?

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