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A natural smile has always been the most inexpensive way to be attractive to those around you, but the fact is that time leaves behind ageing wrinkles. can easily be erased. With the injection of botulinum toxin into the facial muscles a youtful appearance can be restored.

Wrinkle treatment

Botulinum toxin (botox) can smooth wrinkles in men and women that are the result of chronic movements in the facial area, such as smiling, frowning, frowning, gathering, concentration wrinkles. The material is injected into the glabella, the crow’s feet andon the forehead.

Women also apply it for minor repairs to the lip and neck area. Recently, another use was found in the restoration of the eyebrows to help lift them up.

Outside the world of cosmetics B. Toxin is a treatment of intense migraines and also gives a solution to the phenomenon of hyperhidrosis.

Restful Look

The initial, actual results are already observed in the first 48 hours and are completed in about two weeks. Our goal is the realistic results from both the patient and the doctor’s perspective who has to guide the patient on this journey. The youthful, more restful look is the ultimate goal, while the “icy” completely motionless look , the one that distances us emotionally not only from others, but also from ourselves, is now considered outdated and unacceptable aesthetically.. Of course, the training of the physician is absolutely necessary and non-negotiable.

The dermatologist Dr Eurydice Nikita with years of experience in injectable treatments states:

“The injection of botulinum toxin (botox) in the right “key points”, i.e. in the right antagonist muscles responsible for the various movements of facial expression, temporarily inhibits their activity, so that the non-movement of the non-movement does not “drag” the adjacent skin, thus reducing the deepening of the wrinkle caused by the above mechanism.
The botulinum toxin is customary used in the upper third of the face although in the last few years we also have an indication for the smoker wrinkles, the vertical wrinkles that appear between the corners of the mouth and the chin, as well as the neck.

The botulinum toxin nowadays is perhaps at the highest scale of the non-invasive methods for the treatment of wrinkles mainly for three reasons: it is easy and quick to apply (about 20 ‘), has no downtime, the patients can immediately return to their daily routine, and finally, it has an impeccable safety profile.

In addition, it is necessary that patients are familiar with the contraindications, among which are nerve muscular diseases, cardiological isues, pregnancy anguish and lactation. The recommended periodicity is no more than two sessions per year. “

Intense Wrinkles

Intense wrinkles in man

Intense wrinkles on a man's leg of the goose


Intense wrinkles over eyes

* * Results can last for up to one year * *


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