Hyaluronic acid

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A category of injectable implants based on hyaluronic acid, (a substance that anyway exists in our skin, which precipitate moisture, offering hydration).

Hyaluronic acid cost: A complete treatment starts from €200

The aim of the treatment is to “fill” the static wrinkles, replacing the lost volume and filling the hyaluronic acid that has remained in the skin, resulting in the “feathering” of wrinkles and facial lines. Also used to redefine the shape of the lips.

The whole process takes about 10-20 minutes. It is relatively painless as the formulations we use contain a mild local anesthetic. Immediately after treatment you can return to your daily activities. The results of the treatment is visible immediately

The safety profiles of the procedure is excellent and the materials used are absorbable, so the aesthetic result is not permanent, thus eliminating the risk of any permanent change. The treatment can be repeated every 12 months or so.


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