PATCH Test-Allergy test

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The Patch test (Allergy Test) is a method used to determine whether a particular substance causes allergic inflammation in the patient’s skin. Any person who may have allergic contact dermatitis and/or atopic dermatitis may benefit from such an examination.


  1. Patient History imprinting.
  2. 48 hours placement of special strips coated with chemical substances on the patient’s back with special strips.
  3. Then and after two days the strips are removed and the first reading takes place.
  4. The second reading takes place after 72 hours and the final results are delivered.

The test patches are used to detect the cause of allergic dermatitis The European standards range is widely used in Europe and other parts of the world. The chemicals used for the tests have been carefully tested by manufacturers and dermatologists to determine the most appropriate concentration for testing. If the concentration is too weak, some people who are allergic to the chemical will not react to the controlled substance (false negative). If it is very strong, some people who are not allergic to the chemical will have a positive irritant reaction (false positive).

European Series Substances

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