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The tattoo removal is done with Switched Alex’s Q. Candela. The laser emits rays of light which destroy the granules of the pigment of the tattoo.

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The guaranteed efficacy of the laser is in the dark-colored tattoos. The application of laser is relatively painless and apply topical anesthetic cream can be applied for an even smoother treatment. The process of removing a tattoo of small or medium size takes about 10-20 minutes. A patch test is recommended before applying a laser to determine the factors that may cause a skin allergy.

Skin care After the laser procedure is almost identical to the care of a superficial wound. After 2-3 days a “crust” is created and water and sun protection is recommended. Usually it takes 5 to 10 sessions, with a frequency of 1 session per month, depending on the depth of the tattoo coloration.

Laser Q switched are high cost machines and cost up to €100,000, while their manufacturing specifications are for the treatment of pigmented lesions and tattoo removal. On the contrary, the IPL machines that can be used for such applications are low cost machines , which promise a lot but they lack in performance and results.

Here in Dermacen we use the laser Alex qswitced of Syneron-Candela which in international practice is considered the golden standard.

Men 20-29 with 1 ≤ tattoo22%
Women 20-29 with 1 ≤ tattoo29%
Disposed to remove34%

How many sessions will be anointed

Q-switched laser response time decreases:

  • From smoking
  • The size of the tattoo, (larger than 30cm)
  • The time
  • The depth of the pigment
clear_allPost-treatment Care
clear_allWho should not proceed with a laser tattoo removal
clear_allWho can operate tattoo removal lasers legally and effectively
Post-treatment Care
  • Care of the wound according to the instructions we give you.
  • The crust that will be created is not to be removed so as not to leave a scar
  • We don’t scrub the area when we bathe.
  • We do not leave the area exposed to the sun and especially without sunscreen for 4 weeks
  • Avoid the swimming pool for as long as the laser trauma is fresh
Who should not proceed with a laser tattoo removal

Patients generally having any form of photosensitivity or difficulty in healing wounds, active herpes or some other skin infection. We must first treat and cure any skin conditions to be able to proceed with laser treatment.

Who can operate tattoo removal lasers legally and effectively

Laser systems are medical machines that can be operated with efficacy by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and with the assistance of trained nurses and in any case experience is a prerequisite. The lawful use is only allowed in medical premises by the legal entities (ie) in medical practices and hospitals.

Small tattoos (1-10 cm ^ 2)

The session
70 euro

Small tattoos (1-10 cm ^ 2)

Complete removal
250 euro

Before and after photos

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