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Hemangiomas are divided into two categories
A. Smooth hemangioma
It is a permanent lesion that occurs from birth and constitutes a serious aesthetic deformity especially when it is localized to the face.

The lesion is fully flat initially but may be boasting later on. It is of red color and can be located in every part of the body.


The appropriate and painless method for the elimination of hemangiomas is the pulsed light laser. With this method we can start treatment from infancy as it is safe since the laser light beam is absorbed by the vessels so that it does not affect the normal skin.

Repetitive monthly treatments of up to 5 times depending on the extent of the haemangioma.

B. Cherry hemangioma (red moles on the skin).
These are inherited benign vascular lesions which in their original form are flat, small red dots and are then usually developed. They occur mainly in middle-aged and younger people and the frequency and size increases over the years.


The therapeutic treatment for this type of vascular lesions are the laser V. Beam which will emit a reinforced beam of light that is absorbed only by the hemangioma leaving the adjacent tissues and skin unaffected. It is painless and 1-4 sessions are required.

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