Genital warts treatment

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genital warts are a clinical term and refers to the swelling that develops in the skin or in the salivary glands. These swellings are caused by the human papillomavirus.(HPV) They are mostly sexually transmitted. Genital warts can be oxylayered or flat.

They are located in the genitals and in the surrounding areas as well as in ring of the rectum and the Mesglutea annulus. Very rarely they are found in the extra-genital positions such as the oral cavity or the corners of the lips. Their color is pink or white. They look like small “cauliflowers” (cauliflower lesions) are as small as a pinhead.

genital warts are treated:

  • with special topical creams (requires many days of application and usually is ineffective method).
  • Electrocautery (diathermy). Effective method but leaves scars.
  • Laser. Excellent clinical and aesthetic result.

The dermatologist decides according to the clinical image of the sufferer for the appropriate treatment or the combination of therapies.

Treatment of warts with laser V. Beam It selectively targets the existing warts, leaving intact the surrounding healthy skin. Characterized by absence of postoperative pain and scarring, while the aesthetic result is excellent. All lesions are removed and the patient comes back for revaluation a month after the procedure.

The cost of a laser genital wart removal depends on the number of warts with a starting price of 50 euros.