Pigmented lesions

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Pigmented lesions (stains, solar lentils) are permanent spots or brown-colored stains and indicate damage from solar radiation. They are created by increased production of melanin without a proliferation of melanocytes. They appear in sun-exposed areas and especially on the face, the upper part of the hands, on the forearms, on the anterior part of the thorax and on the shoulders.

Pigmented Lesions Therapeutic solution

Technology offers the most reliable solution. The removal is performed use the Alex Q. switched laser by Candela which is considered the golden standard for this types of skin lesions.

The laser beam is targeted directly on the damaged area. The stain becomes darker and sharper and gradually, usually within 15 days is eliminated. They need one to two sessions depending on the color of the sun. The recommended period for treatment is October through May.

Before and after photos

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