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Laser hair removal prices, offers and detailed information

Laser hair removal has become popular due to its speed and effectiveness and is performed by matching a specific light wavelength and pulse duration to achieve maximum effect on the targeted tissue with the least possible effect on the surrounding tissue.

Hair removal with alexandrite laser

It has been approved by the FDA since 1997 as a "permanent hair reduction technology".

Through this medical procedure there is a steady reduction of hair growth after each conference and after the completion of the cycle of laser hair removal treatments, maintenance sessions are required with less frequency and for smaller areas as the hair growth has been significantly reduced. As not all skin types have the same needs every patient should be checked for suitability and then the appropriate laser type selected

The assistance of the Dermatologist during the hair removal with a laser machine is necessary as well as the case evaluation. The experience and skill of the operator should in any case be a prerequisite.

No side effects
Decrease in hair growth

Alexandrite Candela | F.A.Q

The doctor or nurse should be able to judge why a particular laser hair removal is better per patient (taking into account skin tone, hair texture and color) and possible complications that may occur. The most widely used technology is the laser Alexandrite which is the safest and effective choice for all skin type. Here at dermacen we use the gentle lase laser by Candela

Candela | advantages

The alexandrite laser hair removal laser is faster in treatment and in international practice, fewer sessions are required for a satisfactory result. The statistical survey’s results suggest that after 6 months of treatment a significant reduction in hair growth was at 70% with Alexandrite and diode laser while at 66.96% with IPL. Transient side effects shown in 9.5% of the sample with Alexandrite at 28.9% wiht the diode and 15.3% with the IPL machines. Within 6 months it is reported that in case of damage the skin returns to its original condition with all types of applications. wiki.

Laser | results

The results are apparent from the first time. The average number of visits required for laser hair removal to see a more permanent hair loss is four to six, but some people respond well to 2 sessions, while others require up to twelve.

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