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PDO Threads

PDOs are absorbable yarns of polydioxanone which we use to strengthen the skin. We use it as a prevention of skin relaxation and to apply a gentle lift or as preparation in the frames of lifting with CoG threads.

The threads activate the production of type 3 collagen at the point of their storage.

The maximum result is achieved two months after application and also the result can be enhanced according to the needs and desires of the customer.

Areas where this treatment is appropriate:

  1. Face Contour
  2. Nasopharyngeal
  3. Bitterness or puppet wrinkles
  4. Neck
  5. Glabella Wrinkles

Why I like them..

It does not deform facial features in the long run.

The effect of thread application through repetition is maintained more in time

No allergic reaction


No side effects

Why I like them..

Because it is relatively painless, the patient has an absolute motive to come back for a second session where we can enhance the result in time

No patient inconvenience

COG threads

COG threads are surgically absorbable large diameter threads with hooks that are placed on the main skin offering a direct lift/elevation (lifting). Depending on the personalized needs of each patient 4-8 threads COG may be required. The result is maintained for at least 1 year.

  • Ideal method for 40 to 60 years old age groups.
  • Contraindications are identical to those of PDO threads.
  • Recovery period of up to two weeks.

Immediately after application the crimp near the point of entry of threads and swelling to be expected

Duration of procedure is one hour.

The procedure may take place after a free medical consultation.

Detailed prices

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